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Autor: dan jr Camarillo
AutorYeh so what if someone wants to join the movement but doesn’t spend $54 on a shitty hoodie
Autor: Optic Gaming
Autori watch your videos
Autor: stupid fnaf
Autor: Glicelle Delos Reyes
AutorSneaky kong
Autor: aphmau senpai
AutorNot Even a 4k video lol xd
Autor: oh yeah
Autorlogn paul im going to sue u because i ordered 100 dollars worth of merch and i stilll didnt get da merch in a year and a half
Autor: TheJokūbas LTU
AutorJake Manson. Logan manson. Jake trampoline in livingroom logan trampoline in livingroom.
Autor: Jake pauler 4 life
Autordid you break into that houses back yard
Autor: Sienna Pollina
AutorLogan you should never sit on the money man?
Autor: Miss Maria
Autor got me speechless
Autor: Dylan Hooks
AutorYou have so many pets
Autor: King Royal
Autorawww i feel bad for the kids bc mamas usely eat them if boys unles the boys escape
Autor: bendy Millsap
AutorHey logan I love you so much and I love to be a Maverick Maverick is the best 😀😀😀😘
Maverick is the strongest family in the Earth💪
I love all your video Logan you make me happy everyday thanks logan
Autor: Zuleen Sonilall
Autor: Craig Newman
AutorI can barely pay rent and got no car. I'm tired of watching this rich kid.
Autor: Luke Snyder
AutorI never saw his girlfrend (logan)..!
Autor: Js Kura
Autoranamorphic lens for red weapon
Autor: ECO Brothers
Autor: Abid Hassan
AutorHi thank you
Autor: Savage Eunice
AutorIt's accually really soft I bought it
Autor: Jp Vlogs
Autor: Darya A
AutorClick and pause
Autor: Edkarmel Piscos
AutorThat cmarea is good for sunset montage right
Autor: Angelo Miranda
AutorWhat if maverick dies :'(
Autor: paska jaskan live streamit
Autor: Agon Dika
Autor I thought Logan was gonna say " SHE GOT BOOOOOBSSS " lol
AutorMake a vest savage for kids 9or10 years 0lz
Autor: Tapkin Zate
AutorMake some mama mantis merch
Autor: Harry Stevens
AutorLogan u should make a Mavericks bean bag
Autor: Jaidyn Holiday
AutorI we could affort the mavrick merch
Autor: Zee Vermeulen
AutorI'm so happy aylas fired
Autor: Brianna Miller
Autor2018 anyone😄😄😄😄
Autor: corarose Wilkerson
AutorHey in our country they worship buddha as a god please dont put a foot in that 🤔🤔
Autor: Aayush Khanal
AutorStop cursing
Autor: Karmine Makokha
AutorAnyone here after Brendan left :(
Autor: Rene Castillo
Autor: FluffyAquatic Drago
AutorTo be honest the usual vloging camera looks heaps better than the 100,000 dollar cam,
Autor: David Rau
AutorDidn't hook
Autor: Jp Vlogs
AutorThe only time I buy mercy is on black Friday too expensive without black Friday
Autor: Juan gomez
AutorYou could see the man getting uneasy with Logan holding the camera
Autor: Eimear smith
AutorLogan paul i am a maverick ang logang pls do not stop your vlogs pls 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😥😥😥😤😦😧😢😢😢😢
Autor: Donna G.
AutorLogan should make Maverick coats for new york
Autor: David Dubon
AutorAnyone noticed Kong coming out of the blankets at the beginning
Autor: Alejandro Cantu
AutorHey can't i find that Neon maverick shirt?
Annyone pls. Help me find it
Autor: wood kid
Autor: RCE101 12
AutorDo you ever think that she might just have named her "baby" after you?
Autor: hi haters
Autorcan you do a Halloween diss track
Autor: King AKA Akeilious Legree
AutorI'm from brasil
Autor: Sam videos
AutorAre you love you love you I love you mommy moon
Autor: Carole Gregory
Autoreverything I've ever owned came to $15,000, and my house was 30,000. this fucker vlogs on this. I hate america.
Autor: Cock Phone
AutorLogan Jr is the biggest mistake!!
Autor: rodney playz minecraft
AutorI never got the merch
Autor: Omar Aguilar
AutorLogan to Kong
"you son of a bitch"
Lol he is a son of a bitch
Autor: Ayush
AutorWhat is the name of gun
Autor: Giovanna Contreras
AutorHe doesn't know when to stop tho
Autor: TittySprinkles
AutorBrendan you are back
Autor: Shirli Teo
AutorLol @the beginning of the video when Logan was Asleep then Kong comes up out from under the blanket!!!!😁😄😂😅
Autor: Namely Journdy
AutorYou suck
Autor: Kamryn Burnell
AutorShe should make maverick shoes
Autor: Landon Mills
AutorFucile you
Autor: RCE101 12
AutorLogan your Gonna beat ksi 👌👌👌👌👌👍✌ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Autor: vilmania cruz
AutorPlease make maverick shoes because you are savage
Autor: S S vines
Autor: Yandel Espinoza
Autori can't get the merch because I'm too poor:(:(:(:(:(
Autor: rodney playz minecraft
Autor: Greta Applewood
AutorI fucking love Brendan damnit!!!
Autor: Rene Castillo
Autor: j c
AutorYou again dumbest.
Autor: hasha k-b
AutorProject Zorgo Is Watching
Autor: Matthew1901 Celtic go vs rangers
AutorFor making me happy
Autor: Savage Eunice
AutorMon3im hhhhhhhhhh
Autor: Mon3im Mon3im
AutorWell.... If camera cost mattered.... Bill gates would be the best vlogger. If u don't get it im basically saying u are shit
Autor: Rishit Prani
AutorLogan ! Like My Shit. 😂 I Know You See Me. 😊🤪
Autor: Jordon Gosselin
Autor: Vinicius craft 1409
Autor2018 Still cringe...
Autor: Nick Collum
Autorseriously Logan, break a fucking plate you twat
Autor: hitmy dms
AutorDaddy paul u got more merch bro
Autor: vlogging_dino potato
Autor"Look at me.. I blew 100k on a stupid camera that is useless for vlogs and can be matched for 5k"
Autor: TexasBulldog74
AutorI might be getting a pink hoodie ayyyy
Autor: Jp Vlogs
AutorWho's watching in 2018 😉😉
Autor: Kimberly Pena
Over Savage level
God darm
Amazing content
No way !
Autor: Daniel Meraz
AutorTfue :v
Autor: FerNanDoKF
AutorHello everyone
AutorAgain a click bait
Autor: Shailesh V Bhat
AutorDoes anyone notice Kong just like crawl from under Logan cover when his in bed
Autor: Luvie Pop
AutorLogan you are amazing
Autor: Kim Blakley
AutorHoly fuck
Autor: Trung Huynh
Autorbuta is BUTIFUL
Autor: JakePlaysRoblox 69
AutorEvan can rock dat hair style
Autor: Larry Weiskittel
AutorBenim telefonum bu kadar HD göstermiyo aq
Autor: Reyn men
AutorI am using my moms account but that camera is wow that is the best camera
Autor: lagatha21
Autorwhich water reservoir is that?
Autor: Sean Brownell
AutorWe could poison someone does jake live here
Autor: Ayla and other random stuff
Autor: April Diamond
AutorAny niga higa fans
Autor: Amination
AutorThis camera is only used for filming DEAD bodies!
So ,kindly use it in a right way !(•ω•)
Autor: I love Arse
AutorBrendaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn :(
Autor: Kit Kat Kenny
AutorI have a puppy
Autor: Tjay Porter
AutorOmg if you gonna do vlogs by your own this camera is tooo heavy daaamn
Autor: FRISSbaby
AutorMy friend said they like Jake
Autor: Marleigh Garza
Autor: Brexer
Autorهل يوجد عربي
Autor: xking _اكس كينج
AutorKong at the beginning of the vlog
Autor: mack attack 2.0
Autorwhat was kong doing there?
Autor: Michal Turaj
Autor 😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: DarjericTheDragon
AutorMy friends my friends that you like Jake gross
Autor: Marleigh Garza
AutorI like jake more then you
Autor: Ognjen Visic
Autor: Can we get 5,000 subs With no videos?
AutorAI agraid
Autor: kim123 Va håkansson
AutorI got 4 hoodies (the fave hoodie , pink ,green and black,and the red one) 3 tees (black,the logang,and og orange)
Autor: livvy hallenbeck
AutorWhat camera is that
Autor: Pug Master
Autor owwww
Autor: Elchanan Haber
Autor😂😂😂❤❤❤BE A LOGANG👑👑
Autor: Aurora BTS
Autor"My name is Logan Paul,And I waste money"
Autor: TK YT
AutorBaby carrot fingers
Autor: Abigail F. McGinnis
AutorYou ok
Autor: Exposing Project Zorgo
AutorYou make me smile when ever I’m having trouble with anything I watch your videos and I’m not doing well lately but I have been staying up late just to watch your videos I can’t sleep without watching your videos you make me want to be different
Autor: Amy Natrigo
AutorThis was uploaded on my birthday ❤️😂
Autor: Genevieve W
Autorlets see how long it takes untill you taze it
Autor: T-MAN M
AutorMake ur new room matte merch
Autor: Mervi
AutorBrendan should have a vlog
Autor: Daniel Roman
Autor: RCE101 12
AutorYou should open up a store for your "merch"
Autor: Naira Tamano
Autornice back flip
Autor: Heather P
AutorLogan Paul you don't have my size of a shirt I wear a 10 to a 12
Autor: Harold Hyslop
Autor: LOW MAY
AutorWhy do you need a raw 8k cinema camera to vlogger?
Autor: lorcan wall media
AutorThe camera it’s self is 50k and that lens is cheep
Autor: Mellow Slush
AutorI unsubscribed to subscribe
Autor: AB tv
AutorAre you the clown in jake video.
Autor: louie19ish
AutorI seen that reservoir in GTA, not even joking smashed my car through the fence to get to it!
Autor: isa arif
AutorWhat was kong doing in the sheets
Autor: dragonslayer mike
AutorKong more savage
Autor: ZEUS
AutorStill expensive with black Friday
Autor: Juan gomez
AutorOh fuck
Autor: Tayim Siddig
Autorthat camera is like 1M crowns
Autor: Mr Kingly
AutorWhen Kong popped out of blanket😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: TechToid Animesh
Autor im going to hell for laughing at this
Autor: itsya boi
AutorThat dude is so fucking tall like Logan in 6'2" and he is over him wow
Autor: Insane Guy
AutorWho's binge-watching Logan's older vlogs because he barely vlogs now?🙃
No?Only me?ok...
Autor: It's Alexandra
AutorMama the maverick mantis
Autor: Ayla and other random stuff
AutorWow that camera better make me look real good even when I’m not using it
Autor: Mysteriousthesinger
Autor: Bully Animator
AutorIs mama alive in 2018 ?
Autor: hvh god
Autor: Carole Gregory
AutorImagine a future where logan is president and everyone has to be vlogged when leaving house when outside. So they can be safe. Cheers logan/g I Intentionally posted a comment on older video lmao
Autor: Mainick Tijanic
Autoright she gone have a “mood swing” and bite your dumbass
Autor: shadows
AutorI was there for a field trip I'm in 2 and I'm 7 my name is ka'marheya
AutorYou are the best the world YouTuber
AutorAlguém BR?
Autor: Jefferson David
Autor do not watch with earbuds at max volume
Autor: Mr.Dillpickel
Autorfrom 2j ?
Autor: Grhgorhs Kaloghrou
AutorDid anyone else look in the comments to see if the logan lydia dated commented?
Autor: Elena's vlogs and stuff
AutorMake shoes
Autor: Akshat Chandra
AutorI'm such a big fan
Autor: Gio Fra
AutorI love you
Autor: Heather McIntire
Autormama got that tesla ass
Autor: team media
Autor that was good back flip 😉👏👍
Autor: ThEfLaShxdd
Autor: Nihko Ramos
Autorاحلي يوتيوبر
Autor: asddas asdsad
AutorBrendan:Hi Mama
Mama:Hi brendan
Logan:Yeah She's A Beauty
Mama:Bye guy's
Mama falls

Autor: daryl acteral
AutorMama da savage
Autor: ZEUS
AutorFucking idiot
Autor: Wahed Hasan
Autor when your high lol 😂😂😂
Autor: Logan stacy
Autor: Glicelle Delos Reyes
AutorTbh the merch is only soft when you first get it
Autor: The Cat with a mustache
Autor: SAVAGE PEOple
Autor funny sounds
Autor: gamer boi 10,0000
Autor: keshav
Autorcan u make momma merch plz
Autor: natasha escalera
AutorLinus tech tips already has the camera
Autor: Illiyan Aziz
Autoris Lydia single?? Im trying to marry her
Autor: StormtrooperWK
Autori love your laugh!
Autor: Martine Helland
Autor January Flashbacks
Autor: BoomFlare
AutorI know how to stick the landing on a back flip and im 11!!!!!!!
Autor: Aurora B
AutorI have the merch
Autor: Gameplay Videos
AutorNow you can film dead bodies in 8k
Autor: me
AutorI dint like how you behave with Buddha
Autor: B8848NP
AutorI can't get one thing at all
Autor: Nealona Ramos
AutorHis succulents look so succulent 😏
Autor: Instinctive Zapdos
AutorI miss this old logan😪☹
Autor: Juan Dionisio Lenida
AutorWait what did Lydia call him or her “child”
Autor: Emma Lopez
AutorAre you gud bro?
Autor: Genci King
AutorSeeing him run with that camera made me cringe so hard lol
Autor: HeyJosh Games
Autor: LynXX GAming
AutorWhy did kong walk out of the blanket when logan voke up XD
Autor: Superpal Gals
Autorso basically this vlog is for retards
Autor: Alex Mckenzy
Autorlo gang for life
Autor: killa cam 081
AutorMake Kong Nad Maverick Fighting merck

Like that
But they are facing each other Kong is like ready to attack and maverick is fliyng
Autor: Angelo Miranda
Autor: ar rich tahud
AutorOooooo the camera is so pretty! The colors are so vibrant!
Autor: Maria Zambon
Autor: Abby Cates
AutorPause at you'll see a beautiful picture
Autor: Deniece Roura
AutorKong looks crapy yet cut with those bags under his eyes
Autor: Jp Vlogs
AutorLogan :Soft as a feather(shoot Braden)
Braden: ooff ...
Autor: Sunny Kid
AutorLove you Logan
Autor: Elana St Marthe

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