Trying Portuguese Food

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Autorpolish sweets pls!!!
Autor: Megan Wieczorek
Autorit's a nice island
Autor: Adem Çetin
Autordoes he have lipstick?
Autor: Relish THEUnborn
AutorUCAL 😍😍
Autor: Olivia Governo
Autori'm portuguese!!
Autor: Madalena Bento
AutorThey do have chip cao in England , they're called brioche
Autor: Gracie Rielly
AutorI'm Portuguese but born in Hawaii
Autor: Tyrone Pauline
AutorSame am from pourtugal
Autor: It's Khadija Kk
Autorminha vida 😂😍
Autor: uglystar41
Autori live un México
Autor: Angela Lopez
AutorOkay but being Portuguese Flocos De Neve are our life!!! We never buy them, they just appear!!!!
Autor: Carolina Alves
AutorOmg the embrella chocolate my grandma used to get them for me all the time there soooo good, I'm Portuguese
Autor: Mia I
AutorI love Bolacha Maria my dad was born in Portugal so was my vova,Vovo and my other vova and Vovo
Autor: Diana Rodrigues
AutorPodias fazer um video so a falar portugues especialmente para o teu publico portugues. You're amazing.
Autor: Mariana Rosa
AutorLOVED IT! :) I´m portuguese too
Autor: ACBeautyMakeup
Autorᑕᗩᑎ YOᑌ ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE ᖇEᐯIEᗯ ᑕOᔕTᗩ ᖇIᑕᗩ🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷 ᑕᗩᑎᗪY ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE TᕼᗩT'ᔕ ᗯEᖇE ᒪIᐯE
Autor: Angie's Play channel
Autor: Maria Martins
Autorai carago, nem sabia que essas coisas só existiam por estes lados!!
PS: com tanta guloseima vais ficar gordo (just kidding) :P
Autor: Crítico Maldisposto
Autorthe 3d chips and the Maria cookies are original dutch items
Autor: Tassnim Hefny
Autor1d vibes
Autor: Sara Venancio
AutorEu sou Brasileira não portuguêsa
Autor: Gabriella Araujo
Autor3ds look like bugle from the us
Autor: Delaney Dellinger
AutorIn Spain we have some of that foods🤗🤗🤗🤗
Autormy cousins MUST know these
Autor: adi
AutorPortugal ( Lisbon )
Autor: Monica Cassamo
AutorI love u Raffa but please discuss real food. Not junk food.
Autor: Thomas Silk
AutorTry indian food plz raphael
Autor: Arrush narang
Autor: Nina Stival
AutorHey I’m Portuguese lol I didn’t know you were too 😂
Autor: Super365 Hero01
AutorIs the chocolate milk similar to Yoo-hoo?
Autor: Jessica Rikard
AutorWe have 3D's in Toronto, Canada but they are called bugles :)
Autor: Moar Of WoW
Autorsabias que as bolachas Maria são inglesas? True story
Autor: Sónia Freitas
AutorEu Tambem so portugese
Autor: rafael sousa
Autormarie biscuits are in many country
Autor: BabyJi Knows Everything
AutorNão acredito que és de Portugal! Brutal!

Translation: I can’t believe you are from Portugal! Awesome!
Autor: Beatriz Sobreira
AutorLEL.... Cuetera e da espanha Mano... XD
Autor: Pedro Vicente
Autor: Ibrahim Debani
AutorWhy is every one talking in Spanish?
Autor: Annissa Acosta
Autorbasically......plastic food?
Autor: VenomtheOne
AutorMost of this food is also available in Latinoamérica
Autor: Sky Blue
AutorSouth Africa
Autor: Anuscha Liebenberg
AutorYour teachers didnt told you to take some "flocos de neve" when your sick. They told you to take some "Dr bayard candy" cause its cough Charope in candy.

These special sweets date back from 1949, when a young Portuguese man called Álvaro Matias met a refugee French doctor in a small groceries store in Lisbon downtown. Dr Bayard to be precise. A tight friendship was born after that, with the young man acting as a "right hand man" for the doctor, and assisting him everywhere. When Dr Bayard returned home thankful, he gave Álvaro his most precious gift. The secret formula for his cough drops.

Thank you very much.
Autor: Fabio V
Autoryou know the chocolate milk have you shook the bottle coz it has chocolate thongs in the bottom
Autor: Adem Çetin
AutorI'm Portuguese😊
Autoregypt food
Autor: Ibrahim Debani
AutorThey sell those Marie galletas in Perú and I love them! I would crumble them in my fruit salads or eat with the peanut butter that of course I would horde with my life, since it was scarce there.
Autor: Kimberly Gormas
AutorWhere can you find these snacks?
Autor: Super365 Hero01
AutorI live in uk in wales
Autor: Mariama Sisay
Autorgostei muito. 😍
Autor: Andreia bernardes
Autorcan you do an outro in Portugues please? like this if you agree and ola como estas eu sou nova ao seu canal😁
Autor: Caroline Pacheco
AutorWhile I was watching this I thought to myself "I really want some Rice pudding right now..."
Autor: its Common Sense
Autorive had everything in this video because im portuguese
Autor: lara fernandes
AutorIm portuguese,and i love all of the "candys" he taste,the are
so good
Autor: Valéria Mendes
Autorwe have 3ds in the us but they are called baloogals
Autor: Georgia Martin
AutorI am portuguese, like your video
Autor: Susana Mendes
AutorWe've got the chocolate shells in Canada too!
Autor: S Lm
AutorSend me some of those please I'll send you some UK candy
Autor: Alex jones
Autormade in the am ??
Autor: seokjinnie
AutorIt’s a bugle xD
Autor: James Krach
AutorWe have a lot of those snacks in Spain too!
Autor: Sara Perez
AutorI live in Latvia
Autor: Oskars Simtnieks
Autormade in the am by one direction one of my favorite 😍😍
Autor: Carisma Agustince
AutorEle é da Inglatera né?
Autor: Clara Turner
AutorDon't make fun of my cookies (since my names Maria)!😂
Autor: Renee Ferreira
execuse me, crazy UCAL fan girl passing by
Autor: Beatriz Trigo
Autormost of the stuff you can get in Spain. my daughter loves the chocolate umbrellas.
Autor: Morgana Madrid
AutorWe call them bugles
Autor: Lisa Mitchell
AutorViva Portugal!
Autor: José Cunha
AutorWe have Chipicao in Bulgaria too👑👑👑The best thing in the world
Autor: Gh0stIsTrash
AutorRapha would you please cone to my birthday?
Autor: razerissarcastical
AutorI love in Luxembourg since I was 7 I'm Portuguese too and damn this brought me flashbacks!?!
Autor: Telma Sofia Silva
AutorDoes the first candy translate to snow flakes?
Autor: Yannis Goedermans
Autorwe have those marie cookies in finland too
Autor: Viivi Hartikka
AutorPorque é que ele parece o FF?
Autor: Maria João
Autoryou speak portuguese very wuell
Autor: marta sousa
Autor: Biftu Amin
AutorWhen i heard one direction man
Autor: Alejah Tate
Autormy mother is from a portogese island Madeira
Autor: Adem Çetin
Autori'm from Portugal, currently living in Belgium. Missing pt food so much!!
Autor: Sílvia Silva
Autorno offense but i really hate those Belgian chocolates, they are not chocolate... What are they made of... But I love cadbury and most uk candy is just amazing and smooth... Delish... USA chocolate... Hershey... Pft no
Autor: Dr. K
AutorPortugal !!❤️🇵🇹
Autor: Breanna Marie
AutorI'm portuguese, but I don't like "bolacha Maria"! I love chipicao
Autor: z.a. coelho
Autor: Mia I
AutorIf you want i will send you some snacks and sweets from our Country
Autor: Khawla Saif
Autori live in finland so pleace try finnish candy or food/meals
Autor: Arbnora Rama
AutorI'm portuguese❤
Autor: Joana Lopes
Autorwe have the same last name lol
Autori live in Syria try shawarma its really good all my Portuguese friends love it
Autor: The Twins Gamer
AutorEu ADORO o teu canal!😊😊😊
Autor: Sofia Loves Nature
Autorthey look like bugles
Autor: Wendy Vanrossum
AutorI do tho Portugal
Autor: melanie Dasilva
Autoryou should do indian candy. its amazing
Autor: Deepshikha Rajpoot
AutorIm from brazil
Autor: il0vey0u9281023
Autoryesss latinos love marias cookies, we have them in the us
Autor: Hey Hi
AutorAre you English or Portuguese?
Autor: yScroowleyG0D
AutorRapha, please try Filipino food. I'm sure you will love it!
Autor: Mushy Job
AutorAta ele é britanico
Autor: Clara Turner
Autor: -Alyssa -
Autor: george plays
AutorThe 3D chips are called Buglers in the U.S.
Autor: AleiaSerenity Sapphire
AutorCan you try romanian food? I know it's not that usual but I think we have good food. Btw, love your videos!
Autor: Ana Biticu
AutorRapha u were freakin adorable in this video😂👌🏽💞well ur always adorable tbh😂
Autor: jacqueline mateos
AutorUcal is the best chocolate in the whole word
Autor: Beatriz Coelho
AutorSou de Portugal de repente quis ver o que pessoas de outros países achavam,sobre a nossa gastronomia!
Autor: razerissarcastical
AutorPlease try Indian food. 😘😘😘

Luv from India 😘😘😘😍😍😍
Autor: Khushi s
Autor: Mara Bellestri
AutorPleaseeeeeeeeeeee try food from Bangladesh.....plssssssssssss😭😭😭😭😭😭
Autor: ummihanny sweety
AutorEu sou portuguesa
Autor: Lyanne&Kelly Gouveia
AutorI'm from Indonesia
Autor: Melva Maulidia
Autor ohhhh there r sooooo goooooodeeeeeee
Autor: azroean blueblood
AutorDubai United Arab Emirates
Autor: Khawla Saif
AutorQ Paneleiro...
Autor: Sean Carvalho
AutorWell, everyone in the comments is talking portugese and my german ass is sitting in my bed and understanding nothing xD
Autor: Lotte/Soso
AutorMarie is amazing with tea who else agrees,Marie e fantastico molhados no chá quem mais concorda
Autor: Shakil Mussa
Autor🇵🇹 Portugal
Autor: Tomás Mestre
AutorCuba plz
Autor: Kevin Roman Abreu
Autorim from vila real in portugal
Autor: lala gomez
Autoreu tenho uma garrafa de ucal mesmo ao meu lado
Autor: Rita Ribeiro
AutorFood?!?!?! (How many exclamations marks should a place on this question?)
Autor: MaxSantos
Autori have eaten chocalate umbrella
Autor: Noor Malik
AutorTry polish snacks i live in Poland
Autor: BambinoNa MSP!
AutorYou should try Russian sweets or meals
Autor: Victoria Kal
AutorI'm from Portugal
Autor: Hayley moore
AutorCan u review the foods and sweets from Ireland
Autor: Brenna Kelly
Autorsou a única que estou indignada por ele falar pt tão bem?! Love you!
Autor: csrolina
AutorI live in Spain and i can tell you for sure that we have, maybe, 80% of what he showed!!
Autor: Lucia Romero
AutorIn Spain we have everything you’ve tried in this video except the flocos de neve
Autor: Noelle Noelle
Autor: Tired Batata
Autorhi!Raphael expriment Maria cookie's with butter OMG IS SOOO GOOD!!
Autor: My middle name is PrettyMuch
Autor: Sad
AutorChocolate umbrella's and Marie are also famous in INDIA
Autoromg, i thought only German grandmas have these sea shell chocolate at home :D
Autor: Marylin96
AutorSubscrbe to my channel
Autor: Sharon Dunphy
AutorEcuadorian food/snacks :)
Autor: Melannie Lisette
AutorWe have chipicou in Georgia(country in Europe)
Autor: Fan girls
AutorGrew up eating Marie cookies and chocolate umbrellas, but I'm from the Philippines.
Autor: Karly
Autor: João Machado
AutorI forgot what the song was at the beggining
Autor: Sakina Kazmi
Autor"Portuguese Food"...
Autor: Daniel Sousa
Autor3Ds are bugles in America
Autor: Cymara Todd
Autor: genisis wait for it
AutorI was yassing so much watching this omg
Autor: Wolfie Ashley
AutorPuta Portugal for ever
Autor: Spa4ky
Autorlínguas de gato!!!!
Autor: beatriz m
AutorI'm from Portugal too.
Autor: Sarah Furtado
Autor: pippimor11
Autori m portuguese.
Autor: iris iris
AutorTry food from India please
Autor: Jaba Shaw
AutorEle é tão burro que nem sabe meter a merda do ucal no frio que acho que é só bom quando esta frio e nem soube o mexer
Autor: Daniel Simões
Autorportuguese food is good +im Portuguese
Autor: samatha Rebelo00
AutorYou should try the Maria cookies with cajeta ❤️
Autor: ana sanchez
Autoromg A.M.
Autor: A drop in the ocean
AutorIs everything in your place white? And lights everywhere
Autor: Lisa Mitchell
Autoru women ...u do this to an innocent person omfg :(
Autor: Time Vortex
AutorWe put them chocolate umbrellas on our christmas tree when our nana goes to germany on holiday
Autor: Tia Carter
Autorim not stupid to say try sweets from Portugal so...
Autor: lil henny
AutorI live in the USA and Maria Cookies are life.
Autor: JasminePereira
AutorI'm Portuguese
Autor: Jennifer Angel Berenguer Freitas
Autor: rds s
Autordo poland
Autor: Michal Chudy
AutorBangladesh 🇧🇩 please *1m views in 17 min
Autor: Durj gaming
AutorYou are making me jealous I love chocolate sea shells and the chocolate umbrella I always have thoes Portuguese cakes and have the chocolate milk
Autor: Monica Cassamo
Autor: Marinela Peto
AutorI’ve been to Faro in Portugal I didn’t try much food but they’ have something called chocolate salami and it looks so nice but I never tried it ):
Autor: MEH MEH
AutorHi I am from Puerto Rico the candy is delicious.
Autor: Ranka Chan
AutorPortugal 🇵🇹 sempre
Autor: Nono Amado
AutorIn Denmark we Call 3D Chips buggles
Autor: Philip Guldhammer
AutorPastel de nata?
Autor: Lucas Bortoli
Autori living in Norway and i'm Polish
Autor: bamse tryne
Autorflocos de neve are the best!
and yeah, Maria are just plain but they are so good, always my last resort cookies but still!!
and so is ucal and choco flakes (im eating the last cereal now lol) :D
Autor: Patrícia Pinto
Autor: ilovecakes 1738
Autorhaha we eat Marie cracker here as well
Autor: Josephine Jørgensen
Autor: Daniel Brandao
Autoryou should try Hershey's cookie layer crunch
Autor: Wendy Vanrossum
Autorbolacha maria uma maravilha se comerem tipo sanduiche com marmelada,mantiga,queijo,ou compotas.
Autor: Paula ventura
AutorI'm 50% Portuguese
Autor: Zach Drotar
AutorI Had All Them Food :) There Like Great ×Chipcao Is A Crossiant/I Like The Umbrellas
Autor: Girls Rule
Autor3Ds are like the American snack bugels
Autor: Lexi Eastwood
AutorO melhor youtuber sempre
Autor: Swejway Maker
AutorHi i live in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 💕
Autor: A-Z 11
AutorIm acctualy portuguese
Autor: lol gamer
AutorAnd your gonna get fat!!!!
Autor: azroean blueblood
Autoromg I love Chipicao💖💖💖💖
Autor: Nina Xx
AutorI LIVE IN PORTUGAL! AND I LOVE IT! (Im portuguese)
Autor: Beniks Toons
AutorIm from portugal and im hungry
Autor: Maria Urushiyama
Autorcatarina pinto eu sou
Autor: CASEIRICES clara
AutorA ver ester video bateu aquela saudade de Portugal ❤️❤️
Só faltam os pasteis de nata e o bolicau😜
Autor: Andreia Semedo
Autorwe have the chocolate seashells in England
Autor: gorillagaming260
AutorEstou muito atrasada mas YHA também sinto a falta de autocolantes e tazos no chipicao😂🇵🇹
Autor: Diana Castro
Autor: Lamyia Evans
AutorMy avo has the Maria cookies
Autor: Ana Campos
AutorI respect and appreciate talent. Portuguese chicken is the best. The Venting Vigilante.
Autor: Ricardo Francis
AutorIiiiiiiiiiimmmmmm pooooooorrrrrtttttuuuggggeeeesssseee
Autor: Diana Rodrigues
AutorThe cookies are amazing I had them when I was a baby!!!!!
Autor: Gabrielah Danovich
Autorthey have those 3d crisps now in the UK. but they are called bugles. they taste and look the exact same!! :)
Autor: Abigail Jones
AutorAm i the only one that like Maria biscuits? Ooh and I love Belgian praliné.
Autor: Mellory Lopes
AutorWhere I live 3d's are called cornados
Autor: antonya telemaque
AutorMarie biscuits are actually so good 😂
Autor: shyarna miles
AutorPlease try Indonesian candies
Autor: Wemona Nabilla

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