Tweety Pie :::: I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat ...( Mel Blanc).

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Autor: Leafeon Bladeon
Autorthank u mel blanc for this brillence
Autor: matthew byrom
AutorThis was amazing!
Autor: Megan Kay
AutorThe ending is so cute... :)
Autor: Itik_Gembo2
Autorif you drop the pitch for Tweety, it is the voice of Bugs bunny with the speech impediment.
Autor: Adam Kelleher
Autori taught i saw putty cat tweeting at me
Autor: S F
AutorThis is delightful! Here's an old Baby Boomer~an old, old one~who never heard that song! What a talent Mel Blanc had to create such distinctive voices then merge them in this clever song. Thank you for the "tweat"!
Autor: MystMoonstruck
Autori tawt i saw a puddy tat! I DID SEE A PUDDY CAT AS PLAIN AS HE COULD BE!
Autor: Alex Parrot
AutorI play this to my Canary called Tweety!
Autor: Fluffyrulez342
AutorDis iz absolutely oooosam, lolllzzz !!! ;-)))
Autor: Colette Simon
Autoraww tweety <333333
Autor: Erica Munoz
Autorim a little tiny bird tweety bird
Autor: S F
Autorawwwwwwwwwwwww i miss this show so much! i love tweety hes sooo cute!
Autor: Stephania must
Autorstill cute every time you listen to this weird but adorable little song!!!
Autor: Erin Smith
Autor@MonsterQuestBigFoot yea i did with my nephew
Autor: okpnkdenise
AutorFunny.... I love the loony toons 😄
Autor: Bj007pro
AutorAren't you glad you saw that? Or, as Tweetie would say, "Aren't you glad Utah dat?"
Autor: Rusty Writer
AutorBad ol' puddy tat!
Autor: SulliMike241
Autor: Rafael Nadal
AutorI love this video just watched it with my mum what a laugh! people that dont like it can get stuffed because this is a classic!
Autor: Hayley Nicholls
AutorHahahaha, me and my brother used to sing this in parts. I had to sing Sylvester's because I had a lisp.
Autor: Peroxide Kitty
AutorI will be an actor next week
Autor: Arturo Valdez
AutorTweety is the best!
Autor: Gloria M
AutorThis is so cute :)
Autor: bkohler89
Autori twaught i know i whave twoo puddy tats
Autor: nyknyknyk1
AutorI tawt I taw a puddytat
Autor: mr_sunny_shine565
Autor: Kennedy Bates
Autordoes anyone know if Mel Blanc did both voices or was it with Friz Freleng.?
Autor: davebournemouth
Autorits i tawt i taw a puddy tat
Autor: Naballiss dabeast
AutorMy Dada used to sing this to us when we were young. He died last Wednesday (03 Sept. 2014) and is his birthday is today (11 Sept.)  I wish he could sing it to me now. Happy Birthday Dada where ever you may be.   <3    :'(
Autor: saucy3101
Autori used to love this duo poor old sylvester  always came off worse always good to laugh .great post
Autor: mickbrod1
Autortweety is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: patriot2225
AutorI first heard this in Japan about 1969.  We always listened to Saturday morning cartoons on the Far East network (radio). 
Autor: Loryn Too
AutorThank you Leonard.
Autor: Jim Borzell
Autorhay , how i can contor elemant of water? ples tell me or i will unsubscibe you becues you not uplond a video for a long time . i give you 7 days to tell me.
Autor: sam Z
AutorLove it
Autor: alove heart
Autori love tweety bird, even got him tattoo on me
Autor: Elizabeth Bowers
AutorWell first they'd have him record one then the other and collaborate them. Mel blanc voiced most of the characters the only ones he never did was the road runner, he didn't do the girls voices except Penelope
Autor: sookeysookey1
Autori love tweety<3<3<3
Autor: S M
Autor: Lewis Thompson
AutorI have loved this since I was tiny and now in my fifties I still do Thankyou
Autor: videocurios
Autorthe 2 people who dislike this are retards
Autor: Laura Beattie
Autorsooooo cute
Autor: Nancy Garcia
Autorhe is the voice for both of them
Autor: kadian senoj
Autorawwwz......dat soo tweet..
Autor: Kartelina Moon
Autoralways leaves smile on my face
Autor: Neville Crowe
AutorAwwwww my childhood memories I love tweety bird too cute
Autor: Carolann Calip
AutorThis was my very first record (7" 45rpm) and I was about 5 or 6 (1971 / 72) and on the B side was "I'm glad that I'm Bugs Bunny" aaaaahh the memories, lol
Autor: fkg limey
AutorI tawt I taw a Romulan.
Autor: Oshyrath
AutorIm jsut about to trn 37 years old n i'm a male n i love it lmao its just ace so funny lol...
Autor: john wheatman
AutorI remember this from the 1960's! Love it.
Autor: Sue Scimeca
Autorjust purchased this on Ebay .. I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat .. Capitol Records, 1951
 .. the "B" side is Yosemite Sam ... priceless
Autor: Gary S
AutorMel Blanc Top Man!
Autor: daiard
AutorI love it
Autor: danish first
AutorSo cute... I heard it on Sirius XM Radio & I had to find it on youtube to hear it again !!
Autor: Kathy Fijalkowski
Autorsick wit it!
Autor: Byrdee Entertainment
AutorThis brings me back almost 60 years, when I had a 78 RPM record of kids' songs... I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat was one of the songs, and I played this song over and over and sang along. And now I have a grandson who just loves Tweety and he sings this song -- but only the first verse.
Autor: oldcodyjr
AutorJust brilliant.  Mel Blanc genius.
Autor: Martin Platt
Autor+davebournemouth Mel Blanc did it all ;)
Autor: fanny3211
AutorAh Memories of an innocent childhood and innocent times!!
Autor: KyranI an Geraghty
AutorI'm having a tweety day!
Autor: Angelwise11
Autormy son absolutely loves this song how cute!
Autor: amh72
AutorTBBT brought moi here
Autor: TechReviewGermany
Autor.... ....
Autor: Moises Becerra
AutorGenius, Classics. The original toons are still by far the best.
Autor: habanaman
Autoracualy iz twaterd
Autor: selmalover
AutorI am 10 years old
Autor: Arturo Valdez
Autoraww my fav love that puddy cat ;)
Autor: denise lefeuvre
AutorI heard this song on the radio this morning and I couldn't believe what a cute song that was. Brought back memories of watching Tweety cartoons as a child.
Autor: IRMejia
AutorTweety Pie rocks..This character makes me really laugh. Hilarious.
Autor: george ashcroft
AutorLove it
Autor: Jeff Nelson
AutorVery good. It was a great ending too XD
Autor: YtzikTV
Autorwow maddona would like those fugures .
Autor: mickbrod1

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