Cafe Racer (Harley Davidson Sportster by Rough Crafts)

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AutorIn the late 80's early 90's I rode a '77 XLCR1000 which many are still available in the market it was easy to lighten (debulk) fit with a shortened tail and aluminum tank, clip on's etc as it came factory with rear set controls
Autor: Cymon Cyrado
AutorBelíssima  máquina, vídeo  de ótimo gosto!!!
Autor: Viny da GS
AutorAs usual, a wonderful production and stunning motorcycle. I would like to thank-you for all your passionate great work. I am in favour of your synthetic narrator. It's unique and now very recognizable and anticipated with each new release. I'd like to suggest at 0.58 sec you might edit the grammar from "don't look no more" to "Look no further" I mention this only because I think english isn't your first language and it's obvious you're a perfectionist. Looking forward to next week! Cheers from Canada eh.
Autor: Jason Bauer
AutorMost beautyful harley davidson I have ever seen. But what do you guys think of the eccentric placement of the light? I pesonally think it would be nicer if they placed it centrically.
Autor: ReckLess
AutorI have a harley davidson 883 super low
And i want to conver it into a cafe racer
Plus I can't find the perfect inspiration
Help me please
Autor: Ritwik Ganguly
AutorThat's a pretty epic build!!
Autor: MrSlowestD16
AutorMuito bom!! Ganhou mais um inscrito brasileiro
Autor: Juão II
AutorAnother beauty (as always). I had a Sportster years ago that I applied the cafe treatment. But no mater  how much time and money I put in, it still had the crappy Harley frame and crappy Harley transmission.Oh well, I learned.Thank you for this great looking bike.
Autor: Christo Kinieriem
AutorA well presented video
Autor: muhammed anwar
AutorIf Harley put this one into production I would lay money on the counter right now. This bike is so clean in its lines and just with a little bit of thought can make a something like a XLCR1000 heavyweight look like a lean lightweight race bike. This bike is mechanical art.
I think this is going to be my next project to build something like this because I know Harley wont make it -(  
Tanks for the Vid love them
Autor: Kel Vaughan
AutorThe only thing missing was the sound of the bike. Otherwise, flawless.
Autor: MrSwitch1934
AutorWhat's the name and artist of this song?
Autor: Albert Tran
AutorA good use for a sportster-   Thank you for sharing your wonderful videos !  I wish I still had all of the old sportsters from when I was a kid. It would have  been a nice pile of donor bikes for future Ichiban Moto builds !
Autor: Ichiban Moto
AutorOMG.. IT beautiful
Autor: Arifeen Hassan
AutorDez mil vezes, linda.
Ten thousand times, beautiful.
Autor: Fernando Carreiro
AutorThis bike stock has a motor that looks really beefy and makes it really hard to build a cafe bike around. This build did it perfectly! I guess by raising the bike up, putting beefy Firestone tires on it and creating lots of "air" in the bike and putting on a more compact exhaust really helps out a lot
Autor: T0BBi94
AutorStop using text to speech it sounds ridiculous. Other than that, good video.
Autor: MandFTV
AutorQuem a vê não a reconhece! Quem a conhece não se esquece jamais!!
Esplendido trabalho!
Autor: Osório Moi
Autorcool videos but i like to see the bikes in action
Autor: randylucky
AutorYou sir make a awesome video with an amazing motorcycle.
Why don't you make a video on RAJPUTANA CUSTOMS!
Autor: souvik mitra
Autorv engine in a angle of 60° are one of the worst configurations for a engine ever
Autor: Dries Deblock
AutorLove your video's. Looking forward every single week. Thank you!!
Autor: Arjan Leeuw
AutorWow. I am not a Harley guy but that is the coolest one I have ever seen. I am building a CB550 cafe right now and always look for inspiration from your vids. I have always thought that the gas tank mods are the most important design element in building a stand out cafe bike would you agree? Thanks for your work on these videos.
Autor: da pro
Autorand as always...thank you...for making racer TV
Autor: Ralph Gemar
Autormust. have. this. bike.
Autor: fцику мцику
Autor: Arysantana Santana
AutorWhat a beautiful masterpiece!
Enjoy the bike life 🤙
Autor: AeroR
AutorAmazing videos! Keep up the good work!
Autor: Nik
AutorAwesome bike, awesome video ! Thanks.
Autor: Badbones55
AutorHermosa desde cualquier angulo.
Autor: Jorge Ahumada Vázquez
AutorThank you. Thank you for introducing us to another gorgeous motor bike. This Harley Davidson café has got to be in the top five list for 2015. Why should it be on the top five list? Not because of name brand but because of 1. It truly is gorgeous. 2. The difficulty level of the build. Harley Davidsons are not known to be even an ideal frame for a proper Café.
Autor: someguy
AutorVenho vendo a algum tempo os vídeos , acho um dos melhores canais do YouTube Parabéns mais um inscrito , Abraço
Autor: edsgps
AutorLove the bike but the Flintstone tires have to go.
Autor: Miles Rains
Autor: エリンギ
AutorQue moto incrível! 

Vai estar no TOP 10 2015 certamente
Autor: Rodrigo Machado
AutorPure beauty!
Autor: Thee Right Grip
Autor: 邱奕安
AutorThese video are always so well presented. Smooth music, smooth camera moves, and the narrator always says "Thank you for watching." So polite.
Autor: Johnfly8
AutorKnock it out of the park again. amazing build from WY
Autor: Mike H
AutorVery nice. The shapes and pin-striping lines are my favorite part along with moving the oil tank to the rear. Um Video Legal!
Autor: Ride AMAP
AutorQuem diria que uma harley daria uma cafe racer tão extraordinaria. Se eata é a moto do vilão então a do James Bond deve ser do outro mundo.
Autor: Zacarias Benta
Autorname of the song ?
Autor: Ritwik Ganguly
AutorGreat vids. Always. Can you tell me name of the music?
Autor: 김진우
AutorAnother masterpiece, It has nicely flowing lines, its amazing that the petite fairing, tank and seat which all blend so well are also well proportioned to the HD engine, it all works so well. the only thing I would change is the tyres, pirelli supercorsa sc or such.
Autor: Slow Boat

Excelenete moto, video e musica!!
Parabéns RacerTV!! TOP!!
Autor: TheSuicideActivity zetlike

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