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AutorThanks for this. We managed to remove the Blaupunkt unit, however we can't seem to figure out how to install my Sony stereo unit. The two bracket screw holes on the sides of the Blaupunkt dont match the screw holes on the Sony - any advice would be much appreciated?
Autor: Faye Wingfield
Autormedio raro el timon
Autor: diego maxx
AutorThanks ,,,,, great video
Autor: maurobalk
AutorThank you 😉
Autor: Eddie Hall
AutorUplode chevret lacetti I need to see that how do you open rustic panel
Autor: Ahad rash
AutorBonjour comment on fais pour mettre les feux route
Autor: isabelle michel
AutorThanks bro !
Autor: FBY Fraser
AutorThank you so much, it helped me to remove my radio :-)
Autor: Brenda Peterson
AutorThanks for the awesome video...I changed the battery of my Chevrolet Matiz 2006 since them my radio is gone dead, before that it was all fine no wonder what happened?A friend told me i need a radio code that need to input but the radio screen is dead nothing on it can you help? 
Autor: Guenaid S
AutorHi wish to know the dimensions to fill in if i decide for a 2 din radio thank you
Autor: Ippolito Giumenti
Autori broke my trip computer switch now the indercators dont work :( where can i buy another one from ?
Autor: Jake Brown
Autoris that the same for a Daewoo matiz?
Autor: KiriakosBlackWolf
Autor: Bluedragon

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