The Sinking Of Costa Concordia. (REAL FOOTAGE)

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AutorMy family actually planned to go on this exact cruise with me but then we decided to go on a cruise on the costa marina I’m glad we did lol
Autor: Shannon Read
Autorthe Loud music spoiled the vid. I couldn't get through it...
Autor: Ken James Jr
Autor..... "IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE?" .... OMG?
Autor: Patrice Marie
AutorIt was really a touchig video. How many people exactly died?
Autor: RestLessNessDrop
AutorI love Michael Jackson
Autor: Anuj Goyal
AutorCosta Concordia was scrapped by rock, in January 13, 2012
Autor: Peter Dhan L.S.
AutorBloody gay music
Autor: Lenny Pepperidge
AutorThe fuck is this shitty music?
Autor: CharlieTownend
AutorRight better don't watch it
Autor: Siva Raman
AutorHad they all survived or some of them dies :'(
AutorR.I.P. passengers and michael
Autor: Cláudio F M Silva
Autormusic. OMG.
Autor: Kathryn Engel
Autor is that a big pool of blood?
Autor: pdxyota
AutorDid anyone die in that
AutorWrong music my friend
Autor: neil hilton
Autor if I did that I would drop my phone lol
Autor: Tiffani Hidalgo
AutorWe’re you on the boat?
Autor: Aiden McEwan
AutorOmg the ship has sunked on 13 friday ! :O
Autor: Luka Gamer
Autor I'd steal that model ship if the real one sinks
Autor: xXBrazzer TGTXx
AutorOne piece anime
Autor: Darisuren Ochir
AutorI love the song and I love Michael Jackson he's the best so all the haters can run off
Autor: Ben Monk
AutorPeople lifejacket in church thats funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: Roma Robelle Salcedo
Autor: Mily Lopez
AutorHoly shet
Is on friday the 13th
Autor: A Loli
AutorItd hit a rock.
Autor: Darcy Sami Doods Life
AutorEveryone is complaining about the music.. and at this point I reckon I'm the only one that actually thinks the music suits the video, its devastating what happened to the cruise and the song sounds sad, This is the first time I've heard of the song. But I like it, not the cruise sinking that was really sad but you know
Autor: Jess Jara
AutorBest part is the music!!
Autor: JP Thornewell
AutorAm I the only person that thinks the music kinda fits?? Yes.. okay
Autor: Jess Jara
AutorWhy does it look like carnival splendor
Autor: WolfieZRBLX
AutorIt sank on friday the 13th
Autor: Sullivan Family
AutorNo need for a romance movie remake that cost more than the ship.

Its already her recorded on camera for us
Autor: Jai Williams
AutorLet me just clear something up: It’s not your choice of what is in my videos, if you don’t like it, then don’t bloody watch it.
Autor: Advance Studios
AutorTbh it looks similar to carnival splendor
Autor: Shelly Bunny
Autor: Cash Wetzel
AutorPeople, why are you all mad at Michael Jackson's music? Maybe because you love crap music like today's? XD
Autor: JustACatholic Memer
AutorPeople:Sh*t it's sunk!
People SON OF A B**CH!
Autor: XxYamaChan GamingXx
AutorThis Ship is cursed
1 it sank on 100 years after Titanic sank
2 it sank on Friday the 13th 😎
Autor: Gacha Waffle
AutorNo entiendo el Costa Concordia se hundió en él 2012 y el Titanic se hundió en 1912
Autor: Salvador Uscanga
AutorEva corn it's Michael Jackson
Autor: Simon Whitfield
Costa concordia
AutorYou overdub the audio of the crew, passengers, and rescue workers with shitty 80s music. Fuck you.
Autor: TheAviator370
AutorWait i thought Michael Jackson made this album after the 9/11 attacks
Autor: firegaming Boehm
AutorThe course of the Atlantic victims:




Fourth RMS Cortana

Autor: oh yeah yeah
AutorWhy the music you just made me want to fucking report this for spam
Autor: the great dog
AutorIn streasting how could this happen wait is this ship a copy of the titanic
Autor: gaming with Brandon tv
Autor: Mada geming
AutorHappened when I was 12
Autor: KK King
Autor: XristosGamerYT WOLF
AutorI love how coastguard was yelling at him
Autor: Brealaja Barber
Autorflawless Mr u suck u bitch Michael Jackson made this song
Autor: Simon Whitfield
AutorMy god. I used to be afraid to even step into a swimming pool, let alone a big a$$ boat that goes miles off shore...
Autor: TackleTheDog
AutorMichael Jackson earth song 😍😍😍
Autor: Simon Whitfield
Autor: Epic Stunts
Autor: Ula Krawczak
AutorIs that blood at
Autor: Vent Jai
AutorGood video. That ship must have been looted seven ways to Sunday laying there like that. Good ole captain was on the away team to make sure the shore was safe. Oops that's right he slipped and fell into a life boat. The real truth is he knew it was only a matter of time before the containers filled with pounds of cocaine were discovered ,welded onto the hull. Captain was probably hitting the road before the authorities or the Cartels got wind of his unique navigation techniques. That wreck makes you go Wow for more than just the wreck itself.
Autor: Steve Haupt
Autori like the part where he rus LOL
Autor: Cash Wetzel
AutorI love the music it fits so well with this vid 😢
Autor: Eva Corn
AutorStupid. Ass. Song.
Autor: Owen Benjamin is Mentally ill
AutorIts Really sad, To Know A Such Beautiful Ship, A Normal Ship, A Luxury Ship, Just Sink.. Children must have been traumatized when they were there. very sad..
Autor: Ryder Roblox
AutorBruh the music is awesome. It fits the video. I still watched and liked it. I stan Michael Jackson
Autor: Michael Jackson
Autorwhy gay ass michael jackson music?
Autor: Will Christoph
AutorMichael 😩😍
Autor: Oliver Markus Engels
AutorMichael Jackson are you fucking kidding me ? I'm glad I have a fucking mute button
Autor: Shaun Notyourbiz
AutorFriday 13th oof
Autor: Fat Nigga
Autor: Jacob Helling
AutorThe background music is fucking annoying
Autor: Gorgeous Bitch
AutorHad to mute this while watching.... thanks anyway
Autor: 1ranjeeves21
AutorFriday the 13 and 100 years after the titanic. Any one else notice that???
Autor: Ken Zilla
AutorIt didn't Sink, It Capsized.
Autor: bigearedmouse17
AutorDat is sad :(
Autor: LukesterX
AutorThis is why I will never ride a cruise ship. The idea of it has never been appealing to me. Anything you can do on the ship, you could easily go do somewhere on land. Why do you need to put yourself in the middle of the deep ocean to do it? You don’t. The ocean is not our territory. By “our”, I mean us as humans. Yes I do go in the ocean at the beach, never past chest high waters. Even that is risky. But it’s crazy to me how anyone goes out in the deep ocean deliberately besides freight liners, fishermen, oil diggers, and marine biologists. Anyone else really has no business being out there.
Autor: RyanXRayne
AutorRuined it with that gay ass music.
Autor: B b
AutorThink.....if these facilities were there in Titanic?
Autor: Yuvraj Sharma
Autor100 years after Titanic🚢
Autor: Larsemann YT
Autor: Autistic Cat
Autormore shitty music over videos, why do creators do that?! FUCKING NOBODY LIKES THAT DUDE!
Autor: Rael Liebenberg
AutorAll of that in the water now
Autor: Lieutenant Philippineball
AutorIt so sad😢😢😢
Autor: dylan 100
Autor is that blood?
Autor: Sparty Person
Autor: Sue Owen
Autor*puts happy music over a cruise ship sinking*
Autor: John Boyle
AutorI Love this Music itd MJ
Autor: Krystyna Surmacka
Autori was 1 year old when Costa Concordia sank but 6 months later i turned 2 today I'm 8 but that's not true 6 years ago because i was 2 from July 1st 2012-June 30th 2013
Autor: DiegoAraujoCarmona 2019
Autorbloody fridY 13
AutorGreat video!!! Don’t listen to those jealous a-holes
Autor: Jikookslover37 Suga
AutorIf this happened in d middle of d atlantic ocean there are more dead people and casualty
Autor: Baby bugz
Autor: OG Swaggy
AutorAnd then emagine if costa concordia sunked some where in north Atlantic...
Autor: Napoleon Bonaparte
Autori mean the music IS ok but i still like it with it
Autor: Cash Wetzel
AutorI use to dance whit my hiphop dance team whit this song :D
Autor: Faustas Mincė
Autor: Simple Lyfe
AutorSchettino è un caprone
Autor: Maurizio Camilli
Autor"Friday 13th" uh oh...
Autor: PerryPing
AutorIt’s sad the captain didn’t even get back on the boat 🤦🏼‍♀️. The unwritten “rule” of the waters is that if the captain sinks the ship and people WILL die, the captain go down with it.
Autor: Michael Jackson
AutorTitanic still the best cause it's older now lol!
Autor: Ezzat Sorour
AutorHow they did make this video and did make it if this cruise sank already.
Autor: Mathel Flores
AutorStupid channel stupid music
Go fuck yourself
Autor: flawless mr
AutorDo they have tours where you can see inside? Or did they remove the ship? Sorry, I forgot.
Autor: Hi there.
AutorMusic doesn't matter. The point is the ship sank. The video was dedicated to those who lost their lives if you read the intro.
Autor: Bernadette Newsham
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